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Do Not be a Victim of Identity Theft!

Identity theft occurs when fraudsters steal your personal information and often Medicare beneficiaries fall prey. All they require to steal your identity is your Medicare number.

These fraudsters use your number to get medical treatment, medical equipment, prescription drugs, surgery, or other services and then bill Medicare for it under your identity. Medical identity theft can also affect beneficiaries’ medical and health insurance records. Every time a fraudster uses a beneficiary’s identity to receive or bill for care/supplies, a record is then created with incorrect medical information about them. Most beneficiaries do not even realize their number has been compromised until it is too late!

If you fear, you may have been victimized by a fraudster contact HICAP! Our registered HICAP counselors are also trained Senior Medicare Patrol Liaisons and can assist you in preventing, detecting, and reporting Medicare fraud. Our office is opened Monday thru Friday 8am – 5pm, give us a call at (559) 224-9117 for immediate assistance.



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