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Medicare Beneficiaries and HICAP Services

Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicare Advantage Plans also known as Part C and Medigap plans, enrollment periods, penalties, and so on……..frustrated with understanding the complexities of Medicare and not knowing who has your best interest in mind to advise you? HICAP does!! As a current or future Medicare Beneficiary, you have a resource right here in your community to help. HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program) is a nonprofit State Health Insurance Program (SHIP) monitored by the California Department of Aging (CDA) that provides FREE and UNBIASED counseling.

HICAP counselors are registered with the CDA and will currently meet with you via phone or virtually to navigate you through Medicare. HICAP counselors will create a profile for you and document all contact made so every time you call they are ready to continue assisting you right where you left off. Working with HICAP has a multitude of benefits including a digital monthly HICAP newsletter, free counseling Monday through Friday from 8am-5pm, assistance with Medicare billing, appeals and Medicare Fraud, and much more.

Did you know that the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services just announced a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) in response to COVID-19? HICAP counselors are required to stay informed of all things Medicare in order to educate Medicare Beneficiaries when applicable so that they may enroll in the most comprehensive coverage available to them. In 2020, your local HICAP counseled almost 6000 Medicare Beneficiaries and helped them save over 1.6 million dollars. Let us help you too!

HICAP is a program of the Valley Caregiver Resource Center and serves both Fresno and Madera Counties. Please contact HICAP Program Manager Jennifer Webb at (559) 224-9117 to inquire about how HICAP can assist you. We invite you to visit our website for more information:



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