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For HIPAA compliance reasons, please refrain from submitting personal medical information through this webform; instead, contact our team directly for confidential communication.

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Staff Contact Information

For General Inquiries

Call: 559-224-9154 or 1-800-541-8614


For Classes and Education

Charity Tokash, Education &

Development Coordinator
559-224-9154 |

For Long-Term Care Ombudsmen Information

Susan Bussean, LTC Ombudsman Program Manager

559-224-9177, ext. 401 |

For Donations or Payment

Tina Valla, Fiscal Manager
559-224-9154 |

Michelle DiBuduo
Executive Director

559-224-9154 |

For Caregiver Resources Information

Kevin Alvey, CPC Program Manager
559-224-9154 |

For Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Information

Michelle DiBuduo, Executive Director
559-224-9154 |

For OASIS Adult Day Program

Meghan Velasquez, OASIS Program Manager
559-224-9121 |

For Strategic Initiatives, Campaign Management, and Website Development

Michelle DiBuduo, Executive Director
559-224-9154 |

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