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OASIS Family Caregiver Spotlight - Ruth

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

During the month of November, the Valley Caregiver Resource Center and the OASIS Adult Day Program celebrate our family caregivers for their sacrifices and continued support for their loved ones.

“Family caregivers are the backbone of our Nation’s long-term care system, doing essential work with devotion, often at great emotional and financial cost. We owe them. It is time to bring their service out of the shadows and celebrate and support them in living their own happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.” – US President Joseph R. Biden Jr.

The Oasis Adult Day Program introduces you to Ruth. Ruth has been a caregiver for her husband Bud who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in June 2020. Ruth and her husband Bud have been a part of Caregiver Resource Program since February 2021 and OASIS since its re-open in 2022.

Caregiver: Ruth

Care Receiver: Bud

What does keeping your loved one at home mean to you?

We said our vows, for better or for worse, and this isn’t our best. Having him home means everything to me. Is it hard? Yes, everyday I put endless effort and energy into his care but on those hard days when I feel overwhelmed I can reach over and ask him for a hug and for that moment, all will be right. Everything I do for him I do out of love and I will continue to do so till I physically can’t.

What message do you have to other caregivers like you?

Learn to adjust to them, they will never adjust to you and once you have learned how to adjust remember to keep adjusting because what worked yesterday wont work today.

What is a memory you hold onto?

Our time in Hawaii. We loved to watch and have watched countless sunrises and sunsets there. We would enjoy a cup of coffee on the veranda and enjoy the sunrise together.

For more information on the program benefits, how to enroll, or to obtain an authorization release form, please call or email Meghan Velasquez at 559-224-9121 or email


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